Romeri Metalcostruzioni srl can boast over thirty years of activity in the field of medium/heavy and light structural steelwork in the whole Lombardy region. Managed by Aurelio Romeri and his son Alessandro, over generations the company developed a proven track record in the industry.

Romeri Metalcostruzioni manufactures heavy and light structural steelwork, assembles internal processed and third-parties metal works, carries out maintenance of industrial plants. Moreover, it specialises in producing industrial metallic constructions, such as: sheds, gangways, bridges, trading spaces, silos, plants for cement mills, mining plants, safety stairs.


Our production facilities are located in Castione Andevenno, a small town in the Sondrio province: the production site extends on 5000 sq.m, 3000 of which are roof-covered and completely equipped with bridge cranes. Here we have plants for plasma-arc and oxygen cutting, beam drilling machines, presses, shears, calenders, pipe-bending machines, welding machines, radial drills, plate-punching machines and so on.

Construction and engineering equipment

Owning its own fleet of auto vehicles, full working autonomy is not a problem for Romeri Metalcostruzioni: we have always at hand jib and scissors platforms, two modern wheeled cranes, a mini crane, truck-mounted cranes... These state-of-the-art machines allow us to carry out professionally reliable work for third parties and for our own needs. Thanks to versatile production equipment and specialized staff, constructions can be assembled in a very short time, guaranteeing high manufacturing accuracy.